New home at your old address

Decopierre® is a wall coating desinged to create a natural stone effect. It can be applied to any surface using compressor, afterwards unique stone effect is created by hand according to individual sketch. We can offer you turn-key solution (materials + work). You'll get brand new house at your old address that is the envy of your neighbors!

The Decopierre® is a unique wall coating of superior quality created by French producers of construction materials from natural limestone, including mineral-based dyes and marble chips.
It's applied to any kind of walls and ceilings and makes a rich, stylish interior and exterior.
Natural attractiveness, practicality in operation, optimal cost are the main advantages of the Decopierre®!
It makes this innovative material the ideal solution for finishing the facades of houses, administrative and commercial buildings, fences, fountains, fireplace areas, living quarters, restaurants, shops and more, saving their history and tradition.
We can achieve an unlimited range of colors and textures so as to satisfy the needs of any customer.






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